Rejected load of food? Donate it!


If you have a rejected load of quality food, donating is now easier and more cost-effective than dumping.
With a network of food banks across the state capable of accepting large truckloads,
you can get back on the road quickly while knowing your load will feed hungry families.


Facilities are located throughout Indiana. Call 24/7 to get connected with the closest agency that can accept your load now.


Disposing of inedible food is expensive. If your load is clearly spoiled or inedible, please do not pass on that cost to the local agencies working to benefit our community. If your load has been rejected but most of the food is edible, please consider donating it. Agencies will accept:

  • Dry, frozen, and refrigerated foods
  • Non-bulk and bulk items
  • Products with unbroken seals and original labels showing ingredients and dates

For more information, see FAQs


When you donate a load through Food Drop, you can expect:

  • Swift help unloading truck
  • Tax-deductible receipt for donation
  • All food will go to families in need

This work is made possible with help from our cold storage partner, Merchandise Warehouse:

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